We don't publicly provide a general gallery of specific work we have done, out of respect for the fact that our clients pay us to publicly showcase their work, not our own (we will share details in person if you're interested, and we have a few video examples that we requested permission to share). However, we will say that we have worked with a diverse range of local, regional and global business, organizations, and brands over the years, including:



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We have also worked alongside a number of partner agencies, including:

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Our Story

Kazolu is an independent consultancy based in Guelph, Ontario, providing strategic business planning, marketing communications, brand identity development, and marketing audits. We partner with our clients to create coherent, compelling brand stories and brand identities. 

Kazolu is managed by Rob McLean, and draws on a team of associates who provide flexibility with expertise, creative styles, and tactical implementation as required. 

We work regionally and nationally with a variety of brands, companies, and organizations - businesses, community benefit organizations and individuals to provide strategic messages that are consistent, authentic, truthful and effective.