Partners and Associates

Rob McLean manages the core functions of providing strategic ideas and project management. Rob engages a diverse team of professionals to deliver on whatever a job additionally requires: illustration, graphic layout, in-depth research, motion graphics animation, website development, or anything else that is needed.

Kazolu has worked with the following agencies in the past to deliver strategic insightspublic relations and crisis communications, national advertisingsourcing promotional items and apparel, and building easily updated websites.

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Our Story

Kazolu is an independent consultancy based in Guelph, Ontario providing strategic business planning, marketing communications, brand identity development, and marketing audits. Kazolu partners with clients to create coherent, compelling brand stories and brand identities. 

Kazolu is managed by Rob McLean, who draws on a team of associates that provide flexibility with expertise, creative styles, and tactical implementation as required. 

Kazolu works regionally and nationally with a variety of businesses, individuals, brands, companies, and organizations, providing strategic communications that are consistent, authentic, truthful and effective.