Brand Asset Analysis - Understand Your Brand 

The Kazolu Brand Asset Analysis is a brand development methodology that charts the strategic process required to represent an effective brand. This methodology draws a brand map and defines your territory to demonstrate true command of your brand.

Inspiring, aspirational branding is the foundation of successful strategic marketing and communications. A consistently positioned brand is a critical part of a brand's marketing strategy. A clear articulation of that positioning is even more critical.

Understanding your brand and its value as your asset are key factors to achieving a successful and lasting brand strategy.

"Core” is the central, innermost element - the heart and soul that can’t be distorted or improved upon. Kazolu will reveal the core of your brand, and link it to every detail that will contribute to the success of your business, product or service in a manner that embodies truthfulness and authenticity.


Our Story

Kazolu is a brand communications consultancy based in Guelph, Ontario. We provide brand plans, business plans, brand identity development, marketing communications, and marketing audits. Kazolu partners with clients to develop coherent brand stories and compelling brand identities. 

Kazolu is managed by Rob McLean, who draws on a team of associates that provide flexibility with tactical implementation and creative styles, as required. 

Kazolu works regionally and nationally with a variety of businesses, individuals, brands, companies, and organizations, providing strategic brand communications that are consistent, authentic, truthful and actionable.