Grain Farmers of Ontario Road Safety Awareness

The Grain Farmers of Ontario's Road Safety Awareness campaign involved production of a number of radio and video PSAs.

The beauty of this campaign was in the way we approached distribution. We approached conventional radio, television and cable distributors with the understanding that the CRTC mandates allocation of a percentage of all commercial airtime to public service announcements at no-cost to the content creators, as long as the content adheres to PSA standards. It was a bit of a gamble, but it paid off hugely - we gained maximum rotation with all Ontario rural CTV/Bell Media affiliates, and all rural Ontario Rogers affiliates. Furthermore, because the videos were produced in HD, we gained heavy rotation on the urban Rogers affiliates as well - the impact in Toronto alone would have easily been worth five figures in conventionally-purchased airtime.

We missed the window for 2012 radio, but we have multiple commitments for radio distribution during planing and harvest seasons in 2013, and have even confirmed distribution of the HD video spots with rural drive-in theatres - who are subject to the same CTRC PSA regulations as broadcasters.

GFO Road Safety: "Be Patient"
GFO Road Safety: "Be Aware"
"Slow Down": GFO Road Safety
Grain Farmers of Ontario Public Service Announcement: "Slow Down" - October 2012
Grain Farmers of Ontario Public Service Announcement: "Be Aware" - October 2012