Northern Village

Northern Village Inc. is a company that provides content-driven websites: websites built on a proprietary content management system that prioritized good content over flashy design. Because websites are easy to update, the client gains the benefit of updated, timely and relevant content without having to pay a third-party ISP to insert content, and they have complete control over their brand's messaging.

Northern Village asked Sociable Communications to assist with a clear brand message for Northern Village's new website, and new strategic direction. You can imagine that a website production company had better have a great website - particularly when its brand is based in great, concise content.

Rob worked one-on-one with Arni Mikelsons, owner of Northern Village, as well as other members of his team.

We determined that the core of Northern Village is in providing custom websites that are easily-updated by their clients - people who have been frustrated with the difficulty of making changes to their website love the service.  

Therefore, Northern Village's brand essence (and key discriminator) was determined to be "Easily Updated Websites".

With this essence at the core, new messaging was developed from the ground up.  The process included a creative brief that expressed the values and personality of the Northern Village brand. The result was a new logo, a new website (with clear navigation elements), and new content for the website.  The site can be viewed (and read) at