We use a number of proprietary processes to help you understand your brand, and to get the work done that you require.

Because we operate as a marketing practise rather than as a traditional marketing agency, you get senior-level service for all of your needs - each team member is an entrepreneur that provides an entrepreneurial level of accountability. 

The process of discovering your needs starts with a lot of questions, and we'll build whatever team you require to get the job done - but efficiency is key to our process, because we believe there is great value in simplicity.

Our Story

Kazolu (Kuh-zOH-Loo) is a brand communications consultancy based in Guelph, Ontario. We provide brand plans, business plans, brand identity development, marketing communications, and marketing audits. Kazolu partners with clients to develop coherent brand stories and compelling brand identities. 

Kazolu is managed by Rob McLean, who draws on a team of associates that provide flexibility with tactical implementation and creative styles, as required. 

Kazolu works regionally and nationally with a variety of businesses, individuals, brands, companies, and organizations, providing strategic brand communications that are consistent, authentic, truthful and actionable.