Rob McLean

My name is Rob McLean. I established the roots of what would become Kazolu Brand Communications in 2009.  I engage a variety of concurrent career paths as a brand development consultant, a writer, a parent, a professor at the University of Guelph, a speaker, a business coach, an audio/visual content producer, and a mostly-retired folk-punk songwriter and recording musician. I'm one of the few survivors of the Canadian independent music scene to earn an MBA, and I also survived a decade in the North American beer industry on the "client side" of consumer-packaged-goods marketing, until I chose independence for good. My CV can be found here

My experience in the corporate world taught me that much of the value provided by large-scale advertising agencies can be delivered through effective brand identity consulting and project management. If your primary needs are for brand communications assistance and effective processes that accomplish your goals effectively, you may not need additional overhead that adds little value. You probably have the resources in place already to engage the marketing tactics you need - especially with the benefit of online tools. What you really need is clear messaging and tactical guidance.

I like to think that I balance business experience with creative intuition to tell better stories for companies, organizations, and individuals. Kazolu is primarily a consultancy with core services in brand strategy counsel, clear communications development, and video production (ideas, writing, and visuals). I work with a diverse range of third-party service providers to deliver on services.

I work to develop my clients' brands. I am on your team. I build and manage strategic plans, and I write efficient, shareable, clear messages. I also get very hands-on with video production and direction, mainly because both are effective communications tools, and they're really fun to work with. I ensure that all the ideas, writing and visuals we generate together are properly integrated to tell the best-possible story.

In my spare time, I still keep engaged with those aforementioned concurrent careers as a writer, a songwriter, and I'm a very active parent to Katie, Zoe, and Lucas. (Their names may answer the question "what does the word 'Kazolu' mean?")


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Our Story

Kazolu (Kah-zOH-Loo) Brand Communications is a consultancy based in Guelph, Ontario. We provide brand audits, brand plans, business plans, copywriting, and content. Kazolu works alongside our clients to develop coherent brand stories and compelling brand identities. 

Kazolu is managed by Rob McLean, who draws on a team of associates that provide flexibility with tactical implementation and creative styles if required. 

Kazolu works regionally and nationally with various businesses, individuals, brands, companies, and organizations to provide strategic brand communications that are consistent, authentic, truthful and actionable.