Kazolu's core services are brand consultingstrategic planning, copywriting and content production. You will receive strategic brand plans, marketing counsel, and tactical recommendations. We have worked in the past with large corporations, independent entrepreneurs and SMEs, universities and colleges, not-for-profit organizations, individual products, and individuals.

Kazolu will be a part of your team, providing results that you should expect from a member of your own team.

Brand Strategy Development

Brand Identity Consulting & Coaching

Behind all sales, marketing, entertainment, politics, and communication, is a brand - an identity that's built on a recognizable set of attributes that contribute to the way people perceive something to be. Perception has nothing to do with facts. There isn’t often a lot of logic behind our individual perceptions - how we feel about certain things. People can and will argue with facts, but it is considerably more difficult to argue with feelings. The best you can do is to understand your brand - the attributes you convey that influence the feelings and perceptions of others. You can use that understanding to better develop the best-possible version of your company, your organization, your brand, or yourself.

You must understand your brand. Your brand is the sum-total of all your assets - every impression that people have about you, and all expectations they have of you. The articulation of your key assets must be positive and consistent. Brand messages should concisely represent what you are about. They should be easily stated, and they should always convey truthfulness and authenticity.

Your brand communicates expectations, and it is your single-greatest business development tool. Branding is the foundation of effective strategic communications, and our work will reveal the core essence of your brand – the big idea that is its foundation. From this base, we will develop a clearly-articulated brand identity, positioning, marketing strategy, and effective communications tactics. Strategy must be confirmed before tactics are chosen, so we'll draw the map that will clarify your path.

Kazolu will help you to understand the core essence of your brand so that you can clearly articulate it to others. Our brand development methodology is proprietary, efficient and effective. It works for companies, products, and people. We'll break down the brand identity of an existing product, or we can build up the effective communication of your personal brand.

We will also work with mission & vision statement development, strategic marketing plan development, logo development, advertising, and ongoing tactical business development & communications.


Graphic Design

Books are judged by their covers. Great content is essential, but great content also needs to look great in its visual presentation. Once we have completed a strategic plan, a creative brief will ensure that everything in graphic design will accurately represent the core of your brand.

Kazolu partners with a broad collective of creative directors. We will direct creative professionals to design anything that can be imagined that will best represent you. Kazolu can manage the process from start to finish. All you need to know is that you will look great.

Social Media

Social Media

Effective brand communication is your plan. Social media is only a action used to achieve your plan, but it can be an important part of your overall marketing. As a part of a strategic plan, social media can be an extremely effective way to share your story broadly, while engaging with your clients, customers, stakeholders, and even staff. You can direct traffic to your website, you can foster leads, develop thought leadership, and provide up-to-date news and information.

"Going viral" almost never happens - we need to be clear about that up front - but we have made it happen before. We can provide social media tools that will allow you to get the most out of all online marketing opportunities, and we can train an in-house community manager to manage the tools over time. This person works within your company every day already: they have keys to your building, and they are probably the most trustworthy person to be your "social" voice, with the policies and training that we provide, of course.

Copy Writing

Copy Writing & Storytelling

We write well. Effective writing is our core in-house competency. In addition to offering years of experience with technical and business writing, we are also published writers of fiction, non-fiction and music.

Your messaging is a bunch of words. We will make those words as concise, compelling, and interesting as possible. Everything should look great, but excellent content comes first. We will tell your story and leave your audience anxious for the next chapter.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Effective creativity needs a lot of inspiration, but it also requires planning, insight, clarity and understanding. You must know and recognize your destination. You need an accurate inventory of assets that can propel you on the journey, and you need a realistic assessment of your route to success. You need a plan.

Our proprietary tools will coordinate all the skills and resources required to communicate your brand effectively, making the most of your tactical resources.

Businesses and organizations work best when they have well-informed staff, customers, stakeholders and boards. Decisions are made more easily when necessary information is at hand and lines of communication are open.

A thorough strategic plan is your roadmap, and the benchmark for success.

Audio Production

Audio Production

Kazolu has pretty deep roots in sound production. We operate an in-house full-service recording and sound production studio, and we can provide original recorded music, background music, voiceovers, foley work, audio production for video support - pretty much anything aural. As with everything we do, this work will be strategic and on-message.

Grain Farmers of Ontario Public Service Announcement: "Slow Down" - October 2012
Grain Farmers of Ontario Public Service Announcement: "Be Aware" - October 2012
PrecisionPac - Radio ad #1 - October 2012
PrecisionPac - Radio Ad #2 - October 2012

Video Production

Video Production

Kazolu is a strategic storytelling consultancy, and video - visual storytelling - is where things get really interesting.

Our script writing expertise is enhanced by skilled direction, production, and video and sound editing. We have partners who provide different types of videography, cinematography, motion graphics, and animation. We have produced hundreds of videos that have included commercials, documentary productions, brand videos, public service announcements, preroll commercials, online videos, "enhanced PowerPoint" videos, and internal training videos.

We manage every stage of the process - script writing, strategy, direction, production, conceptualization, videography, editing, sound design, voiceover recording, and music production.

Some recent projects:

IMPACT Code of Practice Module: An introduction to an online tool to support the care and handline of livestock.

Midge Tolerant Wheat. Celebrating the five-year milestone of growers seeding Midge Tolerant Wheat in Western Canada.

Straight from the Field - Saskatchewan Grower Profiles. A video series that allowed growers to share their experience with a product in a relevant, personal, and impactful way.

Wilfrid Laurier University training video:

Leave for Change - A Retrospective. Script editing of multiple interview subjects was compiled to create a retrospective video for the University of Guelph's Leave for Change program.

The University of Guelph - Office of Diversity and Human Rights. Compiled interviews and campus footage defines the Mission and purpose of the Office of Diversity and Human Rights on the Guelph campus.

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce - a brief clip to articulate some reasons why a rebranding of the organization is timely and essential. An example of the potential impact of text-based video, this also features original background music.

Jon D'Eaux and the Sibling Rivals - album launch. Project includes original music, voiceover, script, theme, compiling footage and still images to support script and theme.

Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) public service announcement - "We are Grain Farmers". Project included location shooting, compiling footage to support GFO messaging.

Canadian Dairy Expo 2014. Project included audio recording to create a 'vintage recording' feel; image editing according to client script.

Pioneer Funding Initiative for Rural Emergencies (FIRE). Project included video editing, scoring of original music, voiceover.

Livestock Emergency Response: This is the introductory video in a series produced by Farm & Food Care (Canada), supporting emergency responders to safely and effectively manage livestock emergencies. Project included original music, voiceover, threading images together to support project messaging.

Steve Mills Illustration demo reel:

Grain Farmers of Ontario: "We Asked Kids About Farming..."

Grain Farmers of Ontario - Road Safety PSA "Be Patient"

Grain Farmers of Ontario - Road Safety PSA "Be Aware"

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship uses entrepreneurial business principles to organize, manage and promote the mandate of social ventures, not-for-profit and community benefit organizations.

Kazolu is intentionally located in, and focused on the community of Guelph, Ontario and the surrounding region. Community service organizations are as relevant to community sustainability as its businesses are - both must be adequately fostered for the good of the entire community.

Economic success is essential for the region, and strong principles of business management can be engaged that will align the social sustainability of the community with its economic sustainability. This is where we thrive - and it's where Kazolu can assist community service organizations to do what they do best.

Marketing Practice

A Marketing Practice

Sociable Communications is a marketing, media production and communications firm that works on the model of a practice rather than an ad agency - we're a body of individuals with qualifications and expertise in marketing and its application. We focus on building your business and your brand, not our own. We generate ideas.

Like a legal practice has in-house expertise on facets of the law, we have in-house expertise in all facets of marketing. Whether it's business strategy, national advertising, social media etiquette, mobile app development, or video production - we provide niche expertise in one place.

Brand Communications

Integrated Communications

How (and where) you communicate your brand message is often the most important piece of the marketing equation. How you share your message is often as critical as what you are saying, and your message must be concise, engaging, and effective.

Strategy is "big picture" deep-thinking that happens away from daily activities - deliberate goals, plans and big decisions. Tactics are the short-term actions that work towards strategic goals.

Marketing tactics have to follow strategy. Once we have defined your brand strategy, Kazolu will work with you to build a tactical integrated marketing plan that will realistically leverage your resources.

Kazolu provides copy writing, public relations, conventional media and will develop tools like as websites, audio and video production, and social media engagement in order to share your message in a targeted, efficient and effective way.



Share your message with video, radio, public relations, TV, print advertising, outdoor billboards, social media, word-of-mouth, sales tools.... We'll provide big ideas, well-stated - creative communications, creatively distributed. Brand strategy, tied to efficient tactics.

If you have the budget to advertise widely, we will manage the elements that will deliver successful advertising, not noise. We have a strong base of partners with competitive and transparent pricing to deliver whatever you need.

Website Development

Website Development

If you do one thing well in your marketing efforts, make it your website. For many small businesses and organizations, a website is one of the only spaces that is publicly visible. It's a primary opportunity to give people a richer sense of your brand.

Regardless of your size, a great website is the foundation of all integrated brand communications, and it is the most flexible vehicle to provide detailed, engaging communications. A great website must adhere to well-defined, well-designed brand standards. It should have great, well-written and easily-updated content that is easily navigated. It must be created with search engine optimization in mind, and it must clearly represent the true essence of your brand.

Kazolu works with third-party development partners to build websites that are driven by your strategic plan. Websites will look great, and they will convey messages effectively with brand-focused, action-oriented content.

Public Relations

Public Relations

The key to public relations success is to listen carefully to what people are saying and provide information that is truly relevant to their needs. Consumers want their questions answered – everything from "who are you” to "why are you so great”… or even, "What went wrong here”? Preparation is strategically smart, and immeasurably valuable. 

As a part of an overall communications strategy, we will prepare you to deliver the answers. Our key business partner Strongly Worded Letters is the best in the business - we'll take care of you.



Original Music

Original Music

We can provide unique, original, proprietary compositions for clients that can be used as audio signatures, music in advertising, backing tracks for video... anywhere that original music can support the story we're trying to tell. We've written and recorded everything from jingles, to anniversary love songs, to family albums. 

Kazolu operates a fully-functioning recording, production and publishing company. Recent releases include a online re-issue of Rob McLean's 2015 release "Play Pause Stop", and Jon D'Eaux and the Sibling Rivals' album "If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old," both available for purchase here

Background music is something we frequently provide for video productions. Examples of songs that were written and recorded for client use:

"Livestock Handling" - written to provide a sense of urgency to an emergency services video:

"Now We Dance (Crop Protection)" - this was written to allude to a song that was popular in the summer of 2013, while still being an original (and owned) song.