Brand Identity Consulting & Coaching

You must understand your brand. Your brand is the sum-total of every impression that people have about you, and all expectations they have of you. A brand's assets must communicate positively, concisely and consistently, representing you with truth and authenticity.

Behind all sales, marketing, entertainment, politics, and communication, is a brand identity - a recognizable set of attributes that contribute to the way people perceive something to be. A brand's identity has nothing to do with facts. Logic rarely influences our immediate perceptions - how we feel about things. People can (and will) argue with facts, but it is much more challenging to disagree with feelings. The best you can do is to understand your brand's best attributes and communicate them effectively to influence the attitudes and perceptions of others. This understanding should present the best possible version of your company, your organization, your brand, or yourself.

Your brand communicates expectations, and it is your single-greatest business development tool. Brand development is the foundation of effective strategic communications, and Kazolu's work will reveal the essence of your brand – the big idea that is its foundation. From this base, we will develop a clearly-articulated brand identity, positioning, marketing strategy, and effective communications tactics. Strategy must be confirmed before you choose tactics, so we'll draw a map that will clarify your path.

Kazolu will help you to understand the essence of your brand so that you can clearly articulate it to others. Our brand development methodology is proprietary, efficient and effective. It works for companies, products, and people. We'll break down an existing brand identity, and build up the effective communication of that brand.

Once a strong foundation is confirmed, we also develop mission & vision statements, strategic marketing plans, visual brand identities, integrated marketing communications, and business development.


Kazolu's core services are brand consultingstrategic planning, copywriting and content production. You receive strategic brand plans, marketing counsel, and tactical recommendations. We have worked in the past with large corporations, independent entrepreneurs and SMEs, universities and colleges, not-for-profit organizations, individual products, and individuals.

Kazolu will be a part of your team, providing results that you should expect from a member of your organization.