Background Music

Original music can be purchased from a number of places, and there are inexpensive online sites that can facilitate this process. However, if you want a musical score that is designed exclusively for you, we can absolutely make that happen, and we do it all the time. Some samples... pay attention to the music in the background.

Livestock Emergency Response - original score, designed to highlight the serious nature of the video subject matter.

"Now We Dance (Crop Protection)" - this was written to allude to a song that was popular in the summer of 2013, while still being an original (and owned) song. The video contains proprietary content that I can't share here, but I can share the tune.

Pioneer FIRE - original score, proprietary to this campaign, that is designed to build anticipation, and be strong and respectful of the subject.

Jon D'Eaux and the Sibling Rivals - This was created for a crowdfunding initiative, getting an album of original music to market. The two songs that appear in the background were written and recorded at our studio.