Public Relations

The key to public relations success is to listen carefully to what people are saying and provide information that is genuinely relevant to their needs. Consumers want their questions answered – everything from "who are you” to "why are you so great…” or even, "What went wrong here”? Preparation is strategically smart and immeasurably valuable. 

As a part of an overall communications strategy, we will prepare you to deliver the answers. Our principal business partner, Strongly Worded Letters, is the best in the business - we'll take care of you.




Kazolu's roots are in brand consultingstrategic planning, copywriting and content production. Clients receive copy & content, strategic brand plans, marketing counsel, and tactical recommendations. We have previously worked with large corporations, independent entrepreneurs and SMEs, universities and colleges, not-for-profit organizations, individual products, and individuals.

Kazolu will be a part of your team, providing solutions you expect from a member of your organization.