Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship uses entrepreneurial business principles to organize, manage and promote the mandate of social ventures, not-for-profit and community benefit organizations.

Kazolu is intentionally located in, and focused on the community of Guelph, Ontario and the surrounding region. Community service organizations are as relevant to community sustainability as its businesses are - both must be adequately fostered for the good of the entire community.

Economic success is essential for the region, and strong principles of business management can be engaged that will align the social sustainability of the community with its economic sustainability. This is where we thrive - and it's where Kazolu can assist community service organizations to do what they do best.


Kazolu's roots are in brand consultingstrategic planning, copywriting and content production. Clients receive copy & content, strategic brand plans, marketing counsel, and tactical recommendations. We have previously worked with large corporations, independent entrepreneurs and SMEs, universities and colleges, not-for-profit organizations, individual products, and individuals.

Kazolu will be a part of your team, providing solutions you expect from a member of your organization.