Website Development

If you do one thing well in your marketing efforts, make it your website. For many small businesses and organizations, a website is the only branded space that is publicly visible. It's the first (and sometimes the only) opportunity to give people a more vibrant sense of your brand.

Regardless of your size, a great website is the foundation of all integrated brand communications, and it is the most flexible vehicle to provide thorough, engaging information. A great site must adhere to well-defined, well-designed brand standards. It should have great, well-written, easily-updated and easily navigated content. Its content must keep search engine optimization in mind while representing the true essence of your brand.

Kazolu works with third-party development partners to build websites that are driven by your strategic plan. Websites will look great, and they will convey messages effectively with brand-focused, action-oriented content.


Kazolu's roots are in brand consultingstrategic planning, copywriting and content production. Clients receive copy & content, strategic brand plans, marketing counsel, and tactical recommendations. We have previously worked with large corporations, independent entrepreneurs and SMEs, universities and colleges, not-for-profit organizations, individual products, and individuals.

Kazolu will be a part of your team, providing solutions you expect from a member of your organization.